Emergency Services

Helping neighbors when they need it most


Serving families that need a little extra help. Like paying for basics such as food, rent, childcare and utilities. Families and individuals in every community fall on hard times, often due to a death or major illness in the family, divorce or loss of employment. The family assistance program helps these people during periods of crisis to take care of basic needs and keep the household stable until the crisis passes.


Helping families with school supplies and holiday gifts for their kids. And other things like Child Care and Summer Camp Scholarships, and Resource and Referral Services. In a generally affluent community, families facing economic stress also face social stress. Children feel socially isolated if they are not able to afford field trip fees supplies or any after school activities. MIYFS helps kids feel like they belong by easing financial disruption.


The Luther Burbank Administrative Building is closed to the public and staff due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the City’s Food Pantry was re-located to the nearby Community and Event Center (8236 SE 24th Street). Food Pantry hours are Wednesdays 10am – 3pm​.

The MIYFS Pantry has shifted operations to offer only grocery store gift cards.


Our Police and Fire Departments do more than catch criminals and extinguish fires. They also respond to calls that require mental health support to make our island a more caring and safer community. The MIYFS Geriatric specialist works with Police and Fire to identify where intervention is needed to transition persons to a safer living environment and craft a support plan to provide mental health treatment referrals and logistical support.

Our Impact


families /individuals visited food pantry. 116 families received rent/utility assistance


scholarships provided for preschool, camps and after-school


families received YFS Emergency Assistance


holidays gifts and meals for low-income families

Frequently Asked Questions

MIYFS has served Island residents since 1973. It became a City Department in 1976. In 1989, the MIYFS Foundation was established to raise private funding to augment the services funded by the City of Mercer Island.

MIYFS Foundation funding is critical to the breadth and quality of services MIYFS can deliver. It provided about 10% of the funding for the MIYFS social services operating budget in 2018, as well as special project funding in the amount of $119,165.

MIYFS supports residents aged 0 to 100+. From providing baby formula and diapers to economically struggling families, to preschool scholarships, to programs and support for school age and college kids, adults and our most senior citizens, MIYFS serves from cradle to grave.

As of March 19, 2020: The MIYFS Food Pantry is no longer accepting food donations. As a replacement, individuals may drop off food gift cards to Luther Burbank.

In July, please contact Cheryl Manriquez at 206-275-7869 for needed items and timeline for delivery.

In September, please contact Cheryl Manriquez at 206-275-7869 for needed items and timeline for delivery.

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Islanders count on the services provided by MIYFS. MIYFS counts on the funds raised by the MIYFS Foundation. The MIYFS Foundation counts on the generosity of islanders.