As our Mercer Island student population heads back to the classroom each Fall, the MIYFS Foundation kicks off the Back-to-School campaign. This campaign ensures our Island Youth are socially, emotionally, and financially supported to realize their potential and be successful at school.

All funds raised directly support the MIYFS School Counselors and MIYFS Emergency Assistance clients in the form of school supplies, clothing, and shoes. You can support this effort by donating today!

Mercer Island Mental Health Service Needs Are Growing

Our goal at the Mercer Island Youth & Family Services Foundation is to sustain the level of services needed, to ensure our elementary, middle, and high school students are getting the right resources, while also expanding to meet the growing needs for mental health support. 

YFS School Counselors are brought to you by the City of Mercer Island and the Mercer Island School District.

YFS School Counselors are supported by the MIYFS Foundation and Mercer Island Thrift Shop.

Meet Your YFS Counselors

The City of Mercer Island’s Youth and Family Services (YFS) department provides a mental health counselor in each of the schools, thanks to a unique partnership between the City of Mercer Island and the Mercer Island School District. YFS school counselors are a critical part of the learning environment. YFS counselors work with students, families, and school staff to support mental and behavioral health and readiness to learn.  Counseling offered directly in the schools helps students and parents build a strong foundation for the future. We encourage students and parents to reach out to get to know your child’s YFS school counselor.

Joy Cain, Island Park
Julie Mattson, Lakeridge
Anna Fenster, Northood
Anna Orton, West Mercer
Harry Brown, Islander Middle School
Cara Graham, Islander Middle School
Caleb Visser, MIHS
Chris Harnish, MIHS Substance Abuse Specialist