Note: The MIYFS Foundation does not provide services directly, but we do work tirelessly to make sure our critical services are funded. We are a fundraising foundation with a charter to raise funds and educate our Mercer Island community about the services offered by the City of Mercer Island. We are Mercer Islanders with a passion for the well-being of all Islanders.

About the Department We Support

Established in 1973, MIYFS is a comprehensive support services organization providing assistance to the Mercer Island community. It is a department of the City of Mercer Island, and works in partnership with the Mercer Island School District. It is funded through public and private sources: City of Mercer Island, Mercer Island Thrift Shop, MIYFS Foundation, and a school counselor grant from MISD.

Located at the Luther Burbank Park Administration Building, Mercer Island Youth and Family Services operates these various programs and services: 

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselors in each of the six Mercer Island public schools 
  • Family & Emergency Assistance, including YFS Food Security programs and Holiday Gifts and Meals
  • Mental Health Outpatient Counseling Services (at Luther Burbank) 
  • Senior Services 
  • Prevention and Health Promotion Healthy Youth Initiative

Family & Emergency Assistance

Lifelong Health & Wellbeing

Community Engagement

Need Help?

To set up an appointment for counseling or to learn more about available resources, Mercer Island residents can contact the MIYFS confidential Intake Line at (206) 275-7657

Frequently Asked Questions

YFS Food Security programs now rely on monetary donations to fund operations. The city has partnered with Hopelink to provide fresh, shelf stable, and frozen foods to residents. The Hopelink Mobile Market visits the Mercer Island Community and Events Center parking lot twice a month. Learn more.

In July, please contact Cheryl Manriquez at 206-275-7869 for needed items and timeline for delivery.

All Thrift Shop sales directly support only MIYFS programs. Shop revenues are the largest source of funding for Youth and Family Services and gross sales for 2019 were close to 2 million dollars. The Thrift Shop continues to grow and is slated to remain the largest source of funds for the Department in coming two biennia.