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WHY WE GIVE – Ellen & John Hill

By August 20, 2021August 24th, 2021No Comments

I had the opportunity to sit down with John and Ellen Hill, long-time supporters of the Mercer Island Youth & Family Services Foundation.  The Hills are two incredibly generous and compassionate people that are all in with their support of the organization. 

John is the second of four generations of Hills that have been community members.  Three of the four still reside here.   The Hills have lived on Mercer Island for over 40 years. They raised three children here and they now have three grandsons that live a bicycle ride away. 

“We became inherently aware of the social service needs for community members from our involvement with the Mercer Island Center for the Arts.  I was one of the founders of the organization.  Throughout our years of involvement with MICA we saw some of the kids’ families go through some difficult tragedy.  We witnessed the incredible pressure they were going through which caused them to feel alone.  It is a catch 22 situation as kids with the most affluence sometimes have the most problems.” said John. 

The Hills feel strongly about supporting their own community.   “If you are committed to the health of your community and the well-being of your community you need to be committed to YFS, noted John.”

Mercer Island is very fortunate that the Hills are a part of the community. 

If you see John and Ellen, please join me in thanking them for their tremendous support of YFS.