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Why I Give

By February 3, 2020August 24th, 2021One Comment

“I’m Anne Hritzay and I am an MIYFS supporter and I’m hoping you will be too! MIYFS is so much more than a food bank or mental health services for a few of us on the island, it is the knowledge that we care enough as a community to continue to value their services year after year with financial support. Personally, I’ve benefitted from school counselors, volunteer opportunities for myself and my children, senior service assistance with aging parents, and parent education programs. Knowing there is a safety net for myself and all my neighbors as we negotiate challenges reinforces the values I choose to live by and model for my children- standing up for each other, and always trying to lend a hand when we can.

This year, I’m hosting the New Islander table at the MIYFS Foundation Annual Breakfast. If you have recently moved here, I’d like to invite you to join me at my table. Together we can learn about our new neighbors, discuss the various programs MIYFS provides, and why we donate.” –Anne Hritzay, Longstanding MIYFS Foundation Committee Member and Mercer Island resident.


Reserve your seat at Anne’s table and learn more about MIYFS while getting to know your neighbors. You can reserve your seat at her table by selecting ‘Newcomer Table’ when choosing your table captain. Register here.

One Comment

  • Sue Wagner says:

    Thank you Anne for all you do for MIYFS and our community. What a wonderful idea to host Newcomers. I hope you will your table and more!