Why Give to MIYFS Foundation?

A few facts so you better understand why MIYFS Foundation is raising money:

Did you know that MIYFS pays over 90% of the costs of providing mental health counselors in the schools? The school district only pays about 8% of the costs. Many of our smart, high achieving kids from well off families need mental health support. Anxiety and depression are all too common here, and the middle school is understaffed with just one and a half mental health counselors for our growing population.


Did you know that the grant funding for the Healthy Youth Initiative expired and the continuation of that work will be largely funded by private donations if it is to continue? Wouldn’t we all hate to see a backslide in all of the progress made on teen drinking.


It is really surprising to learn that YFS served 389 Island families experiencing financial distress in 2016, and had 1,373 food pantry visits. Many of our clients – your Mercer Island neighbors – need short term assistance when facing a bump in the road due to divorce, illness, a death in the family or job loss of family breadwinner.


Did you know that YFS offers a summer program for 7th-12th graders that helps them earn the community service hours that are so instrumental to college applications? All you have to do is drop them off at Luther Burbank, and your kids are whisked away and supervised to help serve the homeless, the disabled, environmental organizations and many other worthy causes.


Have you ever met Betsy Zuber, the YFS senior services therapist? She helps so many families that have aging parents who are transitioning from living independently to a managed care situation, and is available for seniors – and their adult children to help navigate the transition.


We are all hearing a lot about the City Budget deficit, and how any reduction to City funding will likely affect YFS services. We want to make sure all YFS programs and services will stay funded, especially our mental health counselor services at the schools.



Still have more questions? Call Sari Weiss to get answers: 206-275-7756