We Appreciate Our Dedicated Table Captains

Thank you all for helping us fill the room!

Table Captains are listed by last name alphabetically:

Steven Barclay, Community Supporter
Joci Besecker, PTA-West Mercer Elementary
Stacy Bjarnason, NCL Sustainers
Donna Buckingham, Rotary
Debbie Burke, National League of Young Men
Jon, Conradt, MIYFS Foundation Board
Michelle Dumler, PTA-Islander Middle School
Steffenie Evans, Community Supporter
Monica Fiorentini, NCL Lake Washington
Jen Flood, Mercer Island Democracy in Action
Linda Floyd, Community Supporter
Sarah Ford, Community Supporter
Laurie Givan, Chamber of Commerce
Ken & Sandy Glass, Community Supporters
Michael Adler & Michelle Goldberg, Community Supporters
Cynthia Goodwin, MIYFS Director
Shannon Gottesman, Community Supporter
Susan Griesse, French American School
Anjali Grover, MIYFS Foundation Board
Debbie Hanson, PTA-Mercer Island High School
Christina Hendelman, MIYFS Breakfast Committee
Pam Hinnen, MIYFS Foundation Board
Janelle Honeycutt, PTSA Council
Mike Hubbard, Community Supporter
Rachel Hyman, Community Supporter
Jake Jacobson, Community Supporter
Lisa Katsman, MIYFS Foundation Board
Julie King Hately, Community Supporter
Erin Krawiec, Community Supporter
Jody Kris, MIYFS Foundation Board
Mai Krishnaswamy, MIYFS Foundation Board
Katharine Lamperti, Community Supporter
Ella Li, Community Supporter
Kathy McDonald, Mercer Island Girl Scouts – Unit 430
Becky McKanna, Community Supporter
Kathy Middleton, Community Supporter
Kim Morelli, PTA-Lakeridge Elementary
Nancy & Wayne Morse, Community Supporters
Molly Nielson, MIYFS Breakfast Committee
Laura Oberto, MIYFS Foundation Board
Frances Osman, MIHS Football
Ursula Panagiotou, PTA-Northwood Elementary
Stephanie Parmenter, PTSA Council
Jennifer Pawlosky, MIYFS Foundation Board
Virginia Pedreira, MIYFS Foundation Board
Ginny Pietila, MI Athletic Club
Lesley Poole, PTA-Island Park Elementary
Barbara Potashnick, MIYFS Foundation Board
Terry Pottmeyer, Community Supporter
Cameron Randall, PTA-Lakeridge Elementary
Barbra Richardson, MIYFS Foundation Board
Jeannette Risco, NCL Lake Washington
Michelle Ritter, PTA-Northwood Elementary
Jeanne Schreuder, NCL Evergreen
James Schwab, MIYFS Foundation Board
Xixi Shakes, MIYFS Breakfast Committee
Jaimie Shea, Community Supporter
Kristy Sieckhaus, PTA-West Mercer Elementary
Charlene Steinhauer, Community Supporter
Ivy Suzuki Jaecks, PTA-Mercer Island High School
Jenna Sytman, Community Supporter
Ken Urman, MIYFS Foundation Board
Mina Velamoor, MIYFS Foundation Board
Susan Wagner, Community Supporter
David Weed, Rotary
Chris & Sangita Woerner, MIYFS Foundation Board
Benson Wong, Mercer Island City Council