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Volunteer Spotlight – Tiffany Holland

By August 20, 2021August 24th, 2021No Comments

Tiffany Holland is a current Board Member and Chair of our Marketing Committee. She joined a year ago because she saw an opportunity to leverage her skillset as a Digital Marketing Strategist to help find new ways to connect with the community and build awareness of much needed YFS services during COVID.  

She was thrilled to give back to an organization that her family has benefitted from.  Specifically, the elementary and middle school counselors have been instrumental in building both preventative coping skills for stress/anxiety as well as offered specific guidance for setting up and maintaining a 504 plan.             

Tiffany said, “Having the school counselor as the bridge to the teachers has been a crucial piece in ensuring my daughter has the support she needs to thrive in the classroom.  Janet Goldstein has done an amazing job during COVID of checking in with us on a regular basis to ensure the 504 plan we had in place pre-COVID is still working and suggesting new accommodations that have really helped my daughter thrive in the transition to middle school during a pandemic.”