Please Make Your 2018 Year-End Gift Now.

Dear Neighbor,
Islanders really do help Islanders. For nearly 30 years Mercer Islanders have been answering the call to help one another by giving generously to Mercer Island Youth & Services Foundation. Thank You!
As you likely know, the Mercer Island Youth & Family Services Department faces immediate cuts to services due to funding challenges. Two of these cuts are defined below; others are pending. We believe that you appreciate all MIYFS programs, services and professionals serving our community, as outlined here. Please help us preserve these valued services.

  • Counselors in all six public schools: help children to work through friendship and bullying issues, stress & anxiety, self-esteem, family concerns, anger and crisis counseling; as well as drug & alcohol prevention/intervention experts. CUTS BEGIN IN 2019.
  • Services for seniors: counseling and care management, consultation, and many other geriatric services related to aging. MIYFS FOUNDATION STAVES OFF CUTS UNTIL 2021.
  • Diversion & Early Intervention: helping youth to re-focus and gain a positive learning experience while getting them back on track and being held accountable for illegal behavior.
  • Youth Development (VOICE/SVP): a summer service learning program with opportunities for youth to learn firsthand the importance of giving back.
  • Mental health counselors: serving individuals, couples and families with issues ranging from family conflict & divorce, behavior problems, abuse, self-harm, depression/anxiety, managing stress, parenting skills, school problems, grief & loss, and more.
  • Emergency & family assistance: support for rent, utilities, holiday, back to school and employment assistance, plus a Food Pantry located at Luther Burbank Park offices.
  • Youth Well-Being/Healthy Youth Initiative: a community-wide prevention effort to reduce drug & alcohol use, depression, anxiety and other risk behaviors through advocacy and creating positive social norms.

Whether you know someone who has benefited from MIYFS services, or you have first-hand experience, we rely on you, our neighbor and friend, to continue to partner with us to help maintain funding for services.
Now, we need your help more than ever.  Every gift will make a difference.

Please Give Generously. Donate online at or use the enclosed envelope.
On behalf of all the Directors of the MIYFS Foundation – we thank you for answering the call,

Jody Kris, President of MIYFS Foundation Board of Directors

P.S. As an extra incentive, all gifts of $1,000 or more will be matched by an anonymous donor.