Food Insecurity on Mercer Island
Our island is not immune to the impacts of the the pandemic, including the problem of food insecurity. Did you know that 5% of Mercer Islanders live below the poverty line even in the best of times? Usage of MIYFS food assistance has MORE THAN DOUBLED pre-pandemic, pre-inflation levels. It now costs the city $125,000 yearly to provide food assistance, and most of that funding comes from organization, business and individual donations.

Our Purpose
The following organizations have joined together to help raise awareness of food insecurity and fund the budget needed to ensure that no one on Mercer Island goes hungry.

How You Can Help
MIYFS food assistance efforts have switched from the distribution of canned and non-perishable food items to the distribution of grocery store gift cards for families in need. The gift cards are much preferred, giving families the ability to stretch their dollars and purchase food that works for their dietary and cultural needs.

With more than 100+ households currently in need per week, your donation can make a major difference.

Consider Sponsoring a Family of 4 for a Week!

  • $20 – “Start the Day Right” Breakfast Basket
  • $50 – “Refuel for School” Lunch Basket
  • $100 – “Four Food Groups” Dinner Basket
  • $200 – “All the Above and More” Combo Basket

Corporate Matching
If you would like to apply corporate matching, please reach out to Demesha Young,, for any documents your employer may request.