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Mercer Island Youth and Family Services staff can be found across Mercer Island. We provide services and run programs in the old dormitory building at Luther Burbank Park, in every Public School, and at the Thrift Shop.


Main Office

Our Main Office houses the MIYFS Food Pantry, Counseling Center, Emergency Assistance, VOICE & SVP, Communities That Care, and our administrative services.

2040 84th Avenue SE
Mercer Island, WA 98040
Phone: (206) 275-7611
Fax: (206) 275-7890

Cynthia Goodwin
MIYFS Director | Email: | Phone: (206) 275-7749


Family & Emergency Assistance | Food Pantry | JobLink

MIYFS provides family emergency assistance to low-income Island residents.

Cheryl Manriquez, BSW
Employment & Family Assistance Coordinator | Email: | Phone: (206) 275-7869


MIYFS School-Based Counselors

Professionals reside in every public school on Mercer Island. Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s counselors for mental health and drug and alcohol concerns and support.

Mercer Island High School Team

Chris Harnish, BA, CC
Substance Abuse Specialist | | Phone: (206) 236-3363

Cathy Gentino, M.C., LMHC
Counselor – Resource & Referral Place | Email:| Phone: (206) 236-3290

Islander Middle School Team

Harry Brown, M.A., LMFT
Islander Middle School Counselor | Email: | Phone: (206) 230-6154

Tambi Cork
Islander Middle School Prevention Specialist | Email: | Phone: (206) 275-7755

Molly Anderson
Islander Middle School Youth Mentor | Email: | Phone: (206) 275-7611

Elementary Schools Counselors

Island Park Elementary School Counselor
Liana Montague, M.A., LMFT | Email: | Phone: (206) 230-6285

Lakeridge Elementary School Counselor
Julie Mattson, M.S.W | Email: | Phone: (206) 230-6019

Northwood Elementary School Counselor
Laura Falsgraf, M.A. LMHC | Email: | Phone: (206) 275-7611

West Mercer Elementary School Counselor
Anna Orton, M.A. LMHC | Email: | Phone: (206) 275-7611


Mercer Island Summer Youth Development Programs

VOICE for students in grades 8-11; and SVP for students in 6 & 7 grades.

Tambi Cork
Youth Development Coordinator | Email: | Phone: (206) 275-7755


Individual, Family and Couples Counseling

Services provided at our Luther Burbank Park offices. Contact our Front Desk to arrange for services.

Phone: (206) 275-7611


Mercer Island Communities That Care Coalition

A unique cross-community effort focused on preventing the harm caused by youth drug and alcohol use in our community.

Derek Franklin
Project Director | Email: | Phone: (206) 275-7745


Mercer Island Senior Advocacy and Case Management

Helping Islander Seniors as well as Islander Adult Children of Seniors – no matter where they are living.

Betsy Zuber, M.S.
Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Geriatric Specialist | Email: | Phone: (206) 275-7752


Mercer Island Thrift Shop

Drop off your old Treasures – Find your new Treasures.
Located at 7710 SE 34th Street (SE corner of Mercerdale Park).

Logan Ens
Operations Coordinator | Email: | Phone: (206) 275-7766 (for volunteer opportunities)

Suzanne Philen
Business Coordinator | Email: | Phone: (206) 275-7753


Administrative Office

Sari Weiss
Development Officer | Email: | Phone: (206) 275-7756

Kimberly Richards
Administrative Coordinator | Email: | Phone: (206) 275-7754

Tammy Bodmer
Administrative Assistant | Email: | Phone: (206) 275-7746


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