Friday Introductions

School Counselors 2017

School Counselors 2017

Mercer Island Youth & Family Services (YFS) introduces our licensed mental health counselors in all six Mercer Island public schools: Chis, Cathy, Harry, Jonathan, Liana, Julie, Laura and Anna.

Our team of counselors are in all Mercer Island public schools every day making your child’s school experience the best it can be.

Our counselors are trained to identify problems before they become crises. They also teach your children mindfulness skills, address bullying prevention, and help them to learn about empathy and how to problem solve in order to be their best academic selves.

They are different from academic counselors who are funded by the school district.

Your donations, along with MI Thrift Shop proceeds and City of Mercer Island fund YFS counselors. This kind of emotional support is rare in public schools.

You can read more about the YFS Mental Health Counselors here and how your child can connect with YFS Counselors at each Mercer Island school here.

Please support YFS counselors today – donate online at

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