GiveBIG to MIYFS for At-Risk Mercer Island Residents

Scott’s story is like many coming through the doors of MIYFS:

GiveBIG for At-Risk Mercer Islanders like Scott and his two kids

“Without MIYFS, we would have had nothing. Because of MIYFS, we are thriving.

Five years ago, I moved to Mercer Island to get treatment for a series of complicated medical issues and for better educational opportunities for my two kids. But when we got here, I was not able to work consistently because of my health problems. I would wake up not knowing if my body would fail me that day, or if I would have any energy for my kids. I was always wiped out. We were barely surviving. MIYFS changed our lives.

Groceries and utility bill help from MIYFS meant that I was able to spend money on things that would propel us forward – to get us somewhere else besides barely surviving. Just knowing I could consistently count on things like having enough food for my growing children and it meant I could take a class to improve my job prospects, or save to buy a used car to get to work. MIYFS made it so we could live without worrying that we would be on the cliff’s edge with nowhere to go. It’s hard to explain to people who have fallback positions. They think there are fail-safes available to help people, but that’s not really the case.

MIYFS was our safety-net. MIYFS saves lives.”

Your GiveBIG donation will offer temporary support to our most vulnerable Mercer Islanders – it could be the person next to you in the grocery store check out, or in front of you at the gas station.

The Family Assistance Program serves At-Risk and Low-Income Mercer Island residents. Resources include case management and emergency assistance with such basic needs such as food, rent and utilities. An Emergency Assistance Fund, supported by your donations, provides limited financial assistance to Mercer Island families. Our staff assists families and individuals to gain access to resources and develop long term plans. A limited food pantry is also available for those in need.

GiveBIG for At-Risk Mercer Islanders like Scott and his two kids


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