#GivingTuesday Series Tip #5 of 7: Show Kindness & Respect to All

Tip #5 – Show Kindness and Respect to All:

At this time of year and always, it is important to show respect and share a smile with our Islanders. We can all be a role model to help others develop a sense of empathy towards those less fortunate.

Make your donation on December 2, 2014 – Please Join Me.

#GivingTuesday #SayYEStoYFS

On December 2nd, I plan to support our low income families meet their basic needs of food, rent and utilities!
“With the holidays coming, I want to make sure families on hard times have a hot celebratory meal and other basic necessities. That is why our MIYFS Family and Emergency Assistance programs are so important.”

Cero outside Mike Cero

Mercer Island City Council




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