#GivingTuesday Series Tip #1 of 7: Struggling Youth

Tip #1: Struggling Youth:

It is often in times of crisis that bonds between parents and adolescents are reaffirmed. At those times, youth again turn to parents for support and protection. It is an opportunity to show love and support, help obtain services to deal with specific problems, and strengthen interpersonal connections that will benefit the family for years to come.

Make your donation on December 2, 2014 – Please Join Me.

#GivingTuesday  #SayYEStoYFS

On December 2nd, I plan to support our arrested youth. 

“While we need to hold our youth who have been arrested for illegal conduct accountable, it is more important for us, as a community, to help them refocus on positive learning experiences and behavior.  That is why our MIYFS Diversion and Early Intervention programs are so important.”



Benson Wong

Mercer Island City Councilmember


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