120 Mothers & Daughters Collect Food for MIYFS Food Pantry – Thank You!

The National Charities League (NCL) – Evergreen Chapter hosted their annual Tea & 10th Grade Event. Together, 120 mothers and daughters collected carloads of non-perishable food items for our Mercer Island Food Pantry. THANK YOU!!

NCL-Evergreen moms and daughters also learned about the many services and programs offered through MIYFS. Cindy Goodwin, Director of MIYFS was their Philanthropy Speaker. Cindy spoke about Family & Emergency Assistance, community-based counseling, MI Thrift Shop as both a learning/training environment & social community, school-based mental health counseling, VOICE & SVP leadership development groups, and Communities That Care research & marketing efforts around alcohol and drug use.

NCL chapters are very involved with MIYFS, especially around the Giving from the Heart Breakfast event – thank you for giving back!


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